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1. Sending Information About Immovable Property
2. DACP - Salary Fixation for ESIS Doctors
3. Refresher Training on Dhanwantri Module , (Date 16-01-17 to 20-01-17)
4. BSNL Broad Band Order dated 23.03.2014
5. Providing Education Information of Class IV Working in ESIS Hospitals/ Dispensaries
6. Final Seniority list of Class IV of ESIS Rajasthan
7. Provisional Seniority List of Class IV Employees of ESIS
8. List of participants doctors in the training on 8th Nov. 16 to 10th Nov. 2016
9. Promotion order of Clark Grade II to Clark Grade I
10. Transfer Order of Doctors and Other Staff
11. Seniority List of O.S. Cum Assistant Admin Officer.
12. Banned Medicine List from Govt. of India Date 10.03.2016
13. Online reconciliation Circular from Finance Department

Guide Line for Filling up the Indent Form.
Annul Indent of Medicine for Year 2016-17.

15. List of Participants in Dhanwantri Training Date 01.02.16 to 05.02.16 at ESIC Model Hospital Jaipur
16. Officer Order Promotion Clark Gr II to Clark Gr I
17. Office Order of Promotion of Ministerial Staff
18. Annual demand for Stationary.
19. List Promotion and Posting of Nursing Staff
20. Dhanwantri Training - Participants list 26.10.15 to 30.10.15
21. Seniority List of O.S. cum A.Ad.O. A.O.S. and Clark Grade I and II
22. Office Order for Ras Rewariwas (Pali) Mordi (Banswara)
23. Transfer Orders of Doctors of ESI dt 20.10.2014
24. List of Transfer of Fourth Class Staff dt 20.10.2014
25. List of Transfer of Nursing Staff dt 20.10.2014
26. List of Transfer of Ministrial Staff dt 20.10.2014.
27. Tender of office stationary for Year 2012-13.
 28. Instruction regarding streamlining the procedure for referral of patients to tie-up Hospitals ,receipts of bills and payments of claims.
29. Provision of super specialty treatment to insured persons and their families.
30. Referring to the IP’s  Oerder No.2221-2346 Date 13.02.2012
31. Order regarding regularization of the strike period of doctors.
32.  Circular Salary with Pay Manager order No.2730-2830 Date 16.03.2012
33. Date extension of tie up hospitals for super specialty treatment for Rajasthan State.
34. Tie up facility  end in Manidhari Hopital and Maloo Centre Jodhpur in Super Speciality Treatment. Oeder No 819-828 date 11.05.2012 
35. Directions in regarding advance payment in the super specialty treatment of IP’s and their families.
36. Transfer orders of Doctors.
37. Transfer order of  Ministrerial,Nursing ,Paramedical and Class IV 
38. Releiving Orders of Doctors
39. List of Tie-up Hospitals in Rajasthan.
40. DDO power to Dr.  Manmohan Mittal ESI Dispensary Bichwal(Bikaner) 
41. Super Speciality Tie-up end with Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital Udaipur. 
42. Procedure for payment to IP’s for super  specialty treatment (Follow-up /Secondary Level Treatment) in Tie-up Hospitals. Order No 190-268 12-06-12
43. Renewal of Tie-up in Secondary level treatment (Marbale City Hospital Madanganj –Kishangarh  Distt. Ajmer Order No 94-108 Dt 11-06-12
44. Extension of Tie-up for  super  specialty treatment Anand Hospital & Eye Centre C-Scheme Jaipur. Order No. 190-179 Dt. 11-06-12
45. Corrigendum of order no. 1456-1535 dated 26.06.12.  Order No. 1688-1768 date 12-07-12
46. List of Doctors transfer from Medical to ESI Scheme.
47. Meeting Notice on 25.07.2012 at 11:00 A.M at ESI Directorate Jaipur. Oder No 1833-48 date 20.07.12
48.  Preparing the inspection performa  and check list. Oder No 1848-1919 Date 20.07.12
49. Posting order for doctors under ESI Scheme.
50. Change the office name of AG office Rajasthan. order No.1409-79 -Date 12/07/12.
51. Extension of Tie-up for Secondary Level Treatment for GBH Amrical Hospital Udaipur. Order1624-43 Dt. 20.07.12
52. Improvement in Medical facilities. Order No.970-1037 Date 07.06.12
53. Increment Orders of Doctors
54. Alternate arrangement of ESI Dispensary Building in Abu Road. order No 1951-53 Date 27.07.12
55.  Invite MP’s /MLS’s in public meeting/celebration and for inauguration/foundation of milestone of Govt. Building.
56. 3% yearly Increment orders of Doctors. Order No 2971-3020 Dtat 01.08.2012.
57. Office Order Order No 3021-47  date 01.08.12.
58. transfer of doctors and non gazetted staff
59. Increment of doctors
60. RCH Order No 142 dt.13.12.11 Medical care for Mother and the child.
61. Office Order for DDO Power Order No 3505-31 dt. 23.08.2012
62. APO Period regularisation of Doctors order No 3419-46 dt. 21.08.2012
63. Enhancement in Cieling of Expenditure for providing medical benefit to the neneficiearies under ESI Scheme. Dt 06.01.2012
64. Maintainance of ESI buidlings  Order No .2139-2213 Dt. 16.08.2012
65. Offie Order for Dr. Manoj Sharma (M.O.) Makrana Oder No. 3566-72 Dt. 30.08.2012
66. Monthly review meeting notice Order No 2548-2630 dt. 30.08.2012
67. Tender Advertisement for building on Rent for ESI Dispensaries in Rajasthan.
68. Refresher Training plan on Dhanwantri (HIS) Application Oreder No.5658-5713 Dt. 03.09.2012 (I.T Rollout Training)
69. STI-RTI Case Report Lette No 140-208 dt 04.09.2012
70. Corrigendum order for Dr. Saroj Singh SMO ESI Dispensary Balotra. Order No 3723-27 Dt. 06.09.2012
71. Office Order for Vijay Kumar M.O. ESI Dispensary Baswara. Order No 3711-18 Dt. 06.09.2012
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